London Marathon 2016


shuktara cheering banners, bringing a sense of Kolkata to London

Combining a passion for textiles and my love of running, it seems a wonderful start to this blog to talk about taking part in the forthcoming London Marathon. A dream of mine. 

I have chosen to run for an amazing charity that has a personal connection.

I initially heard about David Earp, shuktara’s founder a few years ago through my passion for textiles.  I bought one of his stunning bedspreads and was totally moved by the story behind it. It certainly was no ordinary quilt! I was moved to hear that David was using his talent for design to support a charity for abandoned, disabled children in India.  Please take a look at their wonderful website that explains the shuktara story so much better than I can.

Without the tremendous compassion, courage and love of David and the whole shuktara team, these children wouldn’t have a future. If anyone reading this can help this wonderful cause here is my just giving link. 


Beautiful shuktara smiles!

Emma D'Arcey