Marbled Silks and Surfaces was founded by Emma D'Arcey. 

The studio focuses on pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules of the traditional art of marbling. We create silk fabric and papers that are suited to design reproduction for couture, interiors and installations. 

Innovative and unique designs are translated either in house or by clients into production. Designs are reproduced into weave, digital print and other surface applications to include glass, leather and ceramics.

Artwork can be commissioned for reproduction and licensing from the extensive archive or a bespoke design service can be offered.

Clients include Aveda, Stella McCartney, The V&A, Zoffany, Hermès Paris, Avenida and Liberty.


ao textiles

Emma D'Arcey is also co-founder of ao textiles, a specialist consultancy, founded to further research and develop textiles in a more eco conscious and sustainable way.